Every year Flow Dance Academy will have audition in Denmark, Norway and France for our one or two years dance education in Paris

for the 4 month intensive course in Denmark, or a full YEAR (Last 6 month in Paris France

Audition In Denmark
Saturday 30/03-19 from 16-19
Sunday 12/05 -19 from 16-19
Sunday 02/06-19 from 16-19
Sunday 04/08-19 from 16-19

· Your personal information as well as a brief text about you, your dance background and Your motivation for the study.
· Attach a photo of yourself.
· Training and work experience. Preferably with references.
· You are required to tell us about your health: injury, illness or other.
· If you are unable to pay the first payment on time, we will need a guarantee that you can pay for the education – how do you finance the study?

Send your application form to flowdk@flowdanceacademy.com
You will receive a confirmation that your request has been accepted.